She told you to stop, you did not.
You continued to penetrate her.
You admitted to it.

She told you she was sore,
You ignored and kept going into her.
You admitted to that too.

If we leave emotions aside:
Based on those chats posted,
This was rape.

That thread is an own goal.
Those posted chats can be used to reach a conclusion of rape.

The girl was crying. You continued.
She told you to stop. You ignored her.
You admitted to all this.

This is rape. No other name to call it.

Whoever advised Tife to make that thread only wants him to ruin himself.
You apologised to her when it happened.
You apologised to her in those chats.
You apologised online after the news broke on twitter.

Then you take a long break,
Come back to claim being suicidal,
Rebrand the rape as consensual sex;

You really think anyone will buy that story?
There was absolutely NO need for that thread. Trying to salvage whatever is left of your reputation will NOT happen with that thread.

This is sad and painful.

Because if there’s anything that thread accomplished- it is that Sansa was right and her claims of rape are justified.
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