Thread of my favorite videos/pictures of Michael because the world is making me stress
The fourth and second owns my entire heart
Scream when he’s in the fur coat be having my eye rolling back ok
Okay but I’m tryna make out with Michael until both our fros get matted 😳
I love this picture specially because it brought me back to Michael. I went on my story and said “the chains make him 10x hotter” LMAO and somebody said something about him being a ****. I said NOT ON MY WATCH. I researched and slowly began to love him again and now we’re here
the first and second one got me saying teehee
Michael and Emmanuel!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
This video makes my heart BEAT!!!
I love you baw @michaeljackson
You guys were in hard times right now and the emotional trauma we are facing right now is devastating if you need time off of Twitter please rest everything is overwhelming but please remember to stay strong please
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