My heart started pounding at 38:12 and got teary-eyed at 1:02:59.

I know there are families who are experiencing the same amount of trauma, anxiety & helplessness as what the family in this novel represents. Painful, tragic, heart-wrenching events to go through.

My heart goes to Andy because despite & in spite of everything his family went through, he remained courageous, resilient, & believed that everything will be okay.
He knows that more than anyone else in his family, he shouldn't be the one to lose sight in hope & strength.
So for those of you who are struggling, please remain strong & courageous. Don't lose hope. Keep on praying & believing that there is light at the end of the tunnel.❤️


P.S. If this thread made you curious, I advice you to watch #DefendingJacob on @AppleTVPlus
Worth it 😊
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