thread: my headcanons for the musical casting in season two (and a reminder for tim to hire me as script writer)
there will be three versions because i can't decide. nini isn't on the first two cast lists because she'll probably go to yac. if carlos doesn't have a role, he's simply only the choreographer again. (this thread is super long im so so sorry). enjoy!
option number 1: what i would like to see (with nini at yac)
– the beast: ej
he would get the lead role on his last musical at ehs, he can relate to this part because he's grown so much. he probably would audition for gaston, but miss jenn would give him the role of the beast.
– belle: kourtney
miss jenn told her that they had to talk after christmas break, so she probably wants her to be in the musical/get a lead role (or at least audition). also, kourtney will have a storyline in season two and dara has a great voice.
– gaston: seb
joe has a great voice and can really sing. also, this could make him uncomfortable and he could get a seb storyline that doesn't involve his relationship with carlos (or at least it could lay the foundation for it to happen in season three).
– lumerie: ricky
he has sense of humor and there could be drama with gina as plumette (since he'll probably still be with nini). lumerie is a main character but not a lead, and this could let other characters shine while still having ricky very present.
– cogsworth: big red
he wouldn't normally audition, but ricky and ashlyn convince him to. his friendship with ricky could be helpful to make the musical more realistic, and during be our guest they could add a tip tap solo for him!
– mrs potts: ashlyn
she has a great voice and mom friend vibes. also she could become friends with kourtney and im here for it!
– chip: carlos
chip doesn't have a lot of scenes, so carlos could still be the choreographer. but it would be nice to see him on stage again.
– plumette: gina
there could be drama with ricky since he would still be with nini and lumerie and plumette are lovers. plus, i feel like plumette would dance her heart out and gina is a dancer. she wouldn't have a lot of scenes, but miss jenn would add them for her.
option number 2: what could happen because tim can't write (with nini at yac)
– the beast: ej/ricky
both could be either the beast or gaston. but of course i would prefer ej for the reasons i put in option number one.
– belle: gina
another love triangle ugh. but gina is very talented and even though she's just a sophomore we've all seen her skills. also, gina has opened up but she's still very coy, and belle is too. but both of them can stand up for themselves.
– gaston: ricky/ej
if ej gets the beast, ricky gets gaston. as much as i would like to see ej as the beast, i wouldn't like to see ricky as gaston because joshua doesn't have that vocal range (just facts, sorry).
– lumerie: big red
he would have a lot of scenes and a solo!! but it would be his first musical so i really don't know if he could handle it. but big red is really funny so why not?
– cogsworth: kourtney
solo during be our guest! we could also have a friendship with big red, and im here for it. the only con is that kourtney is too talented for a role like this!
– mrs potts: ashlyn
once again, manifesting ashlyn as mrs potts. she's literally born to play this role lmao.
– chip: seb
seb = the babiest = chip. but we've already seen seb and ashlyn be chaotic together and i think they would be the cutest friendship on the show.
option number 3: what could happen but won't happen because tim isn't totally out of his mind yet (with nini at ehs)
— the beast: ricky
he would be the lead (again???) but there could drama with nini (again).
— belle: nini
the lead again. drama with ricky and bla bla bla.
— gaston: ej
amazing songs for an amazing voice! the only con is that we would see this love triangle AGAIN and no one wants that.
— lumerie: seb
he's a main character and he literally sings all of be our guest. seb deserves more screen time and him being lumerie could help with that.
— cogsworth: kourtney
as i said, i don't really like kourtney as cogsworth because i think she could do way better, but her friendship with seb is so soft.
— mrs potts: ashlyn
y'all got it already, didn't you? ashlyn will ALWAYS be mrs potts i literally can't imagine anyone else in this role.
— chip: gina
she wouldn't have a song, but her relationship with ashlyn could be very cute.
— lefou: big red
i didnt insert lefou in the other options because except for a song he isn't really important. but i would really love to see a friendship between big red and ej.
end of the thread! thanks for sticking with me until the end of you're reading this. i spent way too much time on this project but it was worth it. thanks for your support MWAH <333
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