this movement is so disjointed and the problem is that the majority of those participating don’t have any sort of theory or philosophy guiding them, theyre instead reacting to what is popular and will rt and support conflicting ideologies because they think all activism is equal
i beg of you to read black socialist literature. i’m literally begging because i see the way that people have been rting blue check journalists who are only capitalizing on the moment but largely ignore organizations like @BlackSocialists who have actually been doing the work
this tweet really got me thinking about this because with social media activism we see spikes of activity that quickly fades away after people like/rt/donate or do whatever makes them feel content. the fight does not stop! how do we move forward? socialism
who is going to organize the working class together to build a coalition that can realize its power? not cnn. not stan accounts posting copy pasted blm messages. if you want change and for this to not happen again, you have to work in real life and organize within your community
the last thing i’m going to reply on this thread are these images. the neoliberal american propaganda machine feeds us lies nearly from birth about far left gvts abroad, but they’ve spoken the truth about us. global proletariat solidarity is our most powerful weapon
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