As someone born and brought up in Mumbai, the death of @ShivSena as a party of people of this city is disturbing. I went 2 Ruparel college, the hub of Sena. Every leader's son/daughters were around us. College elections were first stepping stone. Balasaheb Thackeray was God 1/2
Student wing of Sena was literally created at Ruparel. Sena shakhas sprung up. People use to go to the shakhas for ambulance services, community issues - an amazing network. Shakha pramukhs went to become corporators, MLAs. Balasaheb was kingmaker, head of alliance with BJP 1/3
Love them or hate them, sainiks were there for you - helping in tough monsoons, Mumbai riots, terror attacks, 26/7 deluge. Balasaheb will save Mumbai, that was the feeling. But the legacy has ended.We have power brokers. I miss the old sainik. Bring him back. Mumbai needs them
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