#China’s For Min spokesman said yesterday that the new #HongKong security law will only target a small group of people and not threaten the city’s freedoms however we asked him to be specific. Would it be applied to say satire? Answer: the details are for the NPC work out. [cont]
I asked Zhao Lijian if, under the new security law, a single protestor holding a placard calling for #HongKong independence could be secession or treason? Answer: details to be determined by the NPC. Q: Writing an article advocating independence? Answer: NPC... details. [cont]
The Chinese Government and it’s supporters in #HongKong won’t speak about specific applications of this new law because either they don’t know what it’s scope will be or they do know and the answer is not pretty? Might wearing an independence t-shirt mean two decades in prison?
Amongst the more silly responses to this have been ‘stupid BBC the law hasn’t been drafted properly yet: how could he know the detail?”. This is precisely the point: how can anyone guarantee that a new law won’t erode #HongKong’s freedoms if the details aren’t known? #China
Sad answer: details won’t be known, aren’t wanted. In mainland #China’s rigged court system, “crimes” like secession or treason are whatever the Communist Party leadership wants them to be on any given day. This is why people in #HongKong with an actual court system are worried.
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