One takeaway is that Donald Trump has been incredibly lucky. For over three years, he floated along on Obama's economy with no major external crises.

Two crises later, and the country is falling to pieces while he either gawks helplessly or actively makes things worse.
There are consequences to putting incompetent buffoons in leadership, even if they aren't as openly villainous, bigoted and corrupt as Trump.

The consequences don't always show up immediately. But they do show up eventually. /2
Even big business should take stock of this & reassess its priorities. Sure, for a while there you got your tax cuts and your corporate-friendly judges and while the political world spun in dismay, it seemed like the country ran itself on autopilot.

Welcome to the real world./3
In the real world, there are consequences for eating the seed corn. They don't show up immediately. They do show up eventually.

There are consequences for immiserating entire generations & racial groups. They show up.

There are consequences to destroying public services. /4
Those consequences affect even you, corporate executives. There comes a day you can't even get to your yacht. There comes a day you have to wear a mask at Burberry and the trip may kill you.

There comes a day your city is on fire.

Consequences, even for you. /5
Not even the police will effectively serve as a barrier between you and immiserated forever. People revolt.

Even when civilization breaks down into feudalism, many elites do not survive. Many are culled in the transition.

Do you think Stephen Miller has a plan for you? /6
The country does not, in fact, run itself. People have breaking points.

The consumers who buy products can choose to stop participating.

Civilization and the public good will not be there for you if you defund it. There is no Galt's Gulch. /7
So yeah. There are consequences to helping elect the sort of men who will shamelessly give you more tax cuts. This pandemic crisis ignored by an ignoramus in chief? This unrest made worse by a racist in the White House threatening to shoot protesters?

Bad for you, too.

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