1/ Let's get something straight. The discussion around "law and order" focuses on the stereotype of the lawless poor (especially POC) and the law abiding white majority. In reality no one wants effective law enforcement than people who are most victimized by crime.
2/ But so-called "broken windows" policing doesn't address the real issue of crime. A lot of poor people end up stopped randomly and getting records because they are the easy meat; traffic stops that cause people to lose their freedom and property.
So murders and serious crime end up on the back burner because it is so much easier to get cash by charging many for trivial crimes than it is to do the actual police work of solving the hard ones.
So hustlers on the streets, or homeless, or addicts are slaughtered while the cops focus on "crimes" that bear cash fines from traffic to minor possession. The system is broken and people are dying. *drops mic*
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