CelebAction2020 is dedicated to holding celebrities, who based on their wealth and influence, have an important role in eliminating racial injustice in America, accountable for their activism. Silence is not an option.
In response to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Sean Reed, as well as the Minnesota Riots and ongoing mistreatment of Black Americans at the hands of Police, the leaders of our society have a duty to step up and use their voices to enact change.
The information in the spreadsheet is soley based on what these individuals have posted on their social media accounts. Additionally, we believe that posting on an instagram story is not enough, due to the fact that it goes away after 24 hours.
Our intention is not to spark a witch-hunt, cancel culture, or an online outrage mob directed at these people. But to show them that we are paying attention. We are in the streets. We are fighting. Where are you?
Additionally, we are compiling a list of places to donate, resources to educate yourself on both current events and the systemic issues which effect us all, and accounts to follow and signal boost on the spreadsheet linked above.
We hope to keep this document as updated as possible. If you would like to see a specific person on our list, have receipts of donations/activism, or know of any information that has changed please DM us and let us know. We only want to spread accurate information.
RTs are appreciated and encouraged! Thank you!
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