“Schulz made the announcement online, tweeting that preschools will be allowed to open this summer...”
Preschools 1st learned they were reopening from the media. They heard nothing from @rebeccakschulz before & still haven’t. All about the photo-op, I guess.🤷🏽‍♀️ #ableg https://twitter.com/edmontonjournal/status/1266408370417917953
She’s now invited preschools for the 1st time to a townhall (out of 6 to date) to learn about the requirements for reopening. That townhall takes place one day AFTER they’re scheduled to reopen. #ableg
Most preschools aren’t usually open in the summer, they were told they’d reopen in Phase 2 so have no staff & have returned parent fees. #ableg
But let’s be clear - the Minister doesn’t really care if they reopen. She’s done nothing to set them up to actually do that. She just wants the photo op. #ableg
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