#FLYNN Side by Side: 2017 WaPo report on Flynn/Kislyak 12/29/2016 call and newly declassified transcripts of same call from acting DNI @RichardGrenell and DNI @RepRatcliffe sent to @ChuckGrassley @SenRonJohnson
#Flynn: “Make it reciprocal. Don’t - don’t make it - don’t go any further than you have to.” Kislyak: “I understand what you’re saying, but you know, you might appreciate the sentiments that are raging now in Moscow”
FInal Pages transcript 12/29/2016 Flynn/Kislyak call Obtained @CBSNews
#FLYNN Compare FBI summary 12/29/2016 call between Russian Ambassador Kislyak and GEN Flynn with six page declassified transcript obtained @CBSNews
Flynn: “Number One, what I would ask you guys to do — and make sure you, make sure that you convey this, okay? - do not, do not uh, allow this administration to box us in, right now, okay?” Kislyak: “We have conveyed it.”
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