@DavidAgStone You are by far one of the most divisive instigators in the progressive left. You appear in mostly every democratic twitter feed attacking every person who didn’t support Bernie. I voted for Hillary the first time, but I promised to vote for Bernie should he had (1)
won. Neither Biden nor Bernie were my first choices this time around. But again, I promised to vote for the Democratic nominee. We cannot let Trump win again. None of the commentary you post is based on fact or evidence. Mostly conspiracy theories and stories that have been (2)
debunked or investigated. The way you attack people. They way you smuggly dismiss evidence. You are using whatever privilege you have to destroy the one chance we have to remove Trump- by voting. Your self righteous behavior is so irritating, you give actual advocates (3)
and activists a negative representation. You are self-serving and in need of the spotlight. This negative campaign against anyone who is isn’t Bernie is helping Trump. But maybe that’s your ultimate goal. A wolf in sheep clothing. Don’t bother replying. (4)
I will not engage with you after this thread is complete. I’ve seen your persistence in other posts. I’m guessing that’s why bad or misguided guys also win. They are persistent regardless of the negative outcomes. You will keep going and going until I stop the conversation. (5)
Then you and your cult will say “We won! We shut him up!” But you didn’t win. I know there is no way I can reach you or change your mind. You will continue to use this negative campaign to destroy our party. I’m done with you. (6)
#VoteBlue #VoteTrumpOut
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