Any Sanditon residents still following me? It's been a while, but I want you all to know that it was YOUR enthusiasm in building the shared reality of our little beach town that inspired my pitch for this year's Nebula Awards ceremony. 1/?
When @MaryRobinette approached me to write the ceremony, I was a little stumped at first. I mean, I've written a lot of different things. An awards show? That was a new one. And not just any awards show, but a *virtual* awards show, to be part of a virtual conference 2/?
Who wants to sit at their computer pretending they're at an awards banquet? But then it hit me. If we're going to be pretending anyway, why not get everyone to pretend to be someplace way more interesting than a hotel ballroom? 3/?
That was the beginning of the #airshipnebula. Our awards show this year, in fact, the entire Nebula weekend, is taking place aboard a techonlogical-magical dirigible. And I want to invite any Sanditonians who want to join us. 4/?
I can't get you all conference memberships, but I can invite you to pack your virtual bags, and use your transporter, magic circle, or personal ornithopter to come aboard. Tell us what you're doing aboard the #airshipnebula. 5/?
Use #airshipnebula to tag your posts, and know that you are part of what made a new shared reality possible.

Thank you, and enjoy your flight. :)

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