George Floyd appears to have been the victim of murder. A close review of the video can lead one to no other conclusion, and the tragedy has focused a spotlight once again on the plight of millions of black men in America. It is real, heartbreaking, and it must be addressed. 1/7
The crisis necessitates real reconciliation and transformative solutions for systematic change. They are long, long overdue. 2/7
We are all God's children, and we are all Americans. Here is a simple truth: Racism violates the most fundamental principles of our great nation--and the rules of our Creator. Period. 3/7
The central idea of America is that we boldly declare the self-evident truth that ALL men are created equal, and are thus endowed by God with the same inalienable rights. 4/7
Because each of us is made in His image, every single person has an estimable dignity and value which is wholly unrelated to the color of our skin, what neighborhood we live in, or what we can contribute to society. Our value is inherent, because it comes from above. 5/7
Any fool who contends he has a natural right of supremacy over his neighbors violates not only the foundational creed of America, but the greatest commandments of our Heavenly Father. 6/7
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to the Declaration of Independence as a "promissory note" to future generations. We have not yet fulfilled it, be we MUST.

May the Lord heal our nation and help us to see one another as He does. 7/7 #GeorgeFloyd
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