1/5 My reaction to the US decision to cut ties with the World Health Organization:

We are only going to solve the most pressing global health challenges by working together. Now more than ever, a co-ordinated global response based on science and accurate data is essential.
2/5 Our multilateral institutions are the backbone of this international collaboration. Our government has been one of the leading advocates of global health.
3/5 Canada looks forward to continue its cooperation with all public health advocates that are now working around the clock to win the fight against COVID-19.
4/5 🇨🇦 remains a strong partner of multilateralism and will always advocate for more transparency within international organizations like the WHO. Our government has been clear that a post-crisis review to assess lessons learned and improve global pandemic response must be made.
5/5 That is why Canada co-sponsored an EU-led resolution at the World Health Assembly calling for an independent and comprehensive review of the WHO response to the pandemic at an appropriate time.
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