So Derek Chauvin, former Minneapolis officer and murderer of George Floyd has been charged with 3rd Degree Murder. I have a HUGE problem with this. Let me explain why:
- 1st Degree Murder: Intentional and premeditated. Possible, but very hard to prove premeditation with what we currently know.
- 2nd Degree Murder: Intentional but not premeditated. Very likely, especially considering the body language of Derek Chauvin and how he clearly ignored all pleas from George Floyd and those around them.
- 3rd Degree Murder: Unintentional and not premeditated (Manslaughter). Absolutely not what Chauvin should be charged with. The 3 accomplices who allowed him to murder George Floyd however? Absolutely.

I believe that Chauvin should be charged with no less than 2nd Degree Murder while his accomplices (to murder) should be charged with no less than Manslaughter. #IncreaseTheCharge #NoJusticeNoPeace #NoJusticeNoPeaceProsecuteThePolice
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