Personal news: after 10 years and a million words or two, I'm stepping down as an editor @PlacesJournal. Truly a dream job, working alongside the wonderful, perceptive Nancy Levinson, Deborah Lilley, and Frances Richard — as strong a team as you’ll find anywhere.
On my last day, I want to highlight a few Places articles that have influenced my thinking about landscape and cities as we confront climate change. Put these on your syllabi and IN YOUR POLICY.
Much love and gratitude to all the writers I’ve worked with. 🙏
Especially to the one I’ve worked with longest and most often: @shannonmattern, a brilliant and generous scholar of the infrastructures which shape how we see urban systems and ecologies. (Look for Shannon's book, A City Is Not a Computer, next year.)
Next for me: making space to work on some big writing projects and hang with (teach/learn from) my kids. I’ll be an editor-at-large for Places and available for freelance work.
Meanwhile, if you need an hour or two of editing, I will trade my time if you donate to a bail fund or anti-racist org (or are doing that work yourself). I can handle about 10 of these requests a month. DMs open.
What you are and what you wanna be / Takes a long, long, long, long time
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