America needs to be on suicide watch.

Yes, we are watching America's suicide, and stand idly by while we do this to ourselves.

At times with a suicidal person, there is some psychological aspect needing to die [be integrated into the self].

However, due to circumstances, the person is unable to discern what it might be, instead seeing the only way out as body death.

This is similar to having a gangrenous toe, but rather than being able to find a cause of suffering and amputating a single toe,

or seeking treatment, we decide to extinguish the entire body.

As it is with an individual, it is with society. We recognize the pain, we vaguely know some of the causes, but prefer the death of the country over discerning root causes, and conscientiously

seeking treatments.

Is it even possible, at this time, to do this?

This is not speculation, for as there is a psychology of the individual, there is a firm grounding for the psychology of groups, and to larger groups, including society.

P.S., If you are wondering, yes, I do have professional and personal experience in this area.

P.P.S., Yes, I've had gangrenous toes.
As a followup to this thread, let me put it like this:

If America came into my office, I would have the court place it on a mental health hold, because it is a danger to itself and others.

We are in a crises, no less than any suicidal person.
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