The reality is that Twitter's employees and affiliates are politically biased, as all people are. They're just particularly bad at hiding it.

"R u mad?" Twitter Client Partner Billy Schrage askedTrump a few days ago. archive: 
"better listen to [us]" says Tracy Hawkins, a Twitter Remote Work specialist.
"why are you such a dumpster fire?" - Elizabeth O'Leary Froese
Twitter software engineer implies that Trump/Brad Parscale are Nazis. 
Twitter research analyst Rahul Sharodi:
Here's Froese again. Odd, she seems to be running cover for the China's Communist Regime. "I cannot wait to vote your pathetic cheetoh ass out of office"
"Great article showing the danger of electing someone with absolutely zero leadership abilities" - Ryan, who manages TwitterNext, whatever that is.
This "Developer Relations" coordinator has "three words" for Trump...
"Trump. Is. A. Liar." - Developer Relations employee at Twitter.
Another "proud to work at Twitter" comment:
Twitter employee replying "you suck" to Trump tweets:
This is one of Twitter's lawyers and legal directors:

"We cannot allow this!" - Referring to the 2020 election.
I do believe this is Twitter employee Erik Froese calling for the President to suffer an agonizing death.
Nick Monroe sends his regards. He was wronguflly deplatformed one year ago. He certainly never said anything as bad as what that Twitter employee said.

You can now find him on telegram at 
What did Twitter's Engineering Manager mean by this tweet?
If Twitter takes punitive action against my account for screenshotting the publicly available comments of their employees in order to demonstrate the inherent political bias on the platform, they will only be reinforcing the point of this thread.
Here we go.
"Twitter does not censor...Hey, Twitter CEO can you please censor this tweet?"

And if you care about censorship, take a look at @RepGosar's Stop The Censorship Act, and call on @realDonaldTrump to give him a seat at the table when discussions about his executive order take place!
UPDATE: A tweet from Twitter's legal counsel has also made a statement easily interpreted as calling for violence against the president.
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