good afternoon.

I’d like to say that it is 100% okay to unplug for a little while.

The news topics as of late... all of them... have been very heavy... very time-changing... very sad... very scary.

it’s GREAT to be informed. but it’s also good to maintain mental health. —
I, for one, feel emotions very heavily & it consumes my entire thoughts thinking about everything going on right now. It makes me feel very.. heavy.

And it’s just been back to back to back and it can be a bit traumatic and quite triggering.

If current events are triggering you, please know and understand you are not less of an activist or less ‘caring’ if you need to take a bit just to collect yourself.

This is a VERY heavy time!
Please take care of yourselves!❤️
This thread was not a free pass for white people and non-Blacks to have an excuse to turn a blind eye & ignore today’s climate. Lmao.

This thread was for Black people who have seen/experienced this hate against our people too much, too often, in too short of a time.
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