Taylor Swift’s video starts out by showing us the mechanized eye. Notice that this is the classic symbolism of the All Seeing Eye of Ra:
The All Seeing Eye holds many meanings; but basically it signifies the candidate is awakened to the new way of being. They have been enlightened into the ways of the occult (Greta has been throwing the same symbolism around).
A more interesting consideration is that they show us the right eye. This signifies the Eye of Ra (as opposed to the left- Horus). We’ll see how that is important when the transformation begins to take place in this dirty illuminati video.
Shape-Shifting Taylor Swift

In the video we see Taylor dressed in black as she approaches the main room. She sees a version of herself inside of the glass cube (…).

This alter ego shifts through various forms. First, the reptilian/alien version:
Then the transhuman robotic entity:
And finally the white transhuman entity that has some… interesting capabilities…
The alters are different aliases that these celebrities hide behind. Some claim they are victims of a mind control abuse system (e.g. MKULTRA) which forces them to create amnesic barriers to hide behind.
Given all of the abuse scandals I think there’s more traction to this theory than many realize.

In Look What You Made Me Do she infamously said the old Taylor was dead, no surprise  we’d see this kind of rebirthing- so Ready For It only confirms what we all could’ve predicted.
Luciferian Influences fasho.

Getting back to the video; we see the “old” Taylor being confronted by “new” Taylor inside of the glass Cube. We see symbolism of a serpent slithering up the face of Taylor (*towards her right eye)
This represents the influences that are creating this “new” Taylor Swift. Correct me if im wrong @taylorswift13 , but They are Luciferian meaning they believe the serpent in the Garden of Eden was the true benefactor of mankind.
Much like the story of Prometheus, they believe the Luciferian force should be embraced in the process of enlightenment.

To add more into this, previously we saw the emphasis on her right “All Seeing Eye” of Ra.
How curious is it that the symbol of Ra with the sun disk from ancient Egypt also has the serpents (and represents the feminine powers as Ra’s counterpart)?…
I find it curious that we also saw this in Westworld with its Gnostic themes that alsoshowed us the Luciferian influences in the form of the “Lord of the Flies” crawling towards the eyes of the awakened robotic entities.

Westworld: Transhuman Evolving through little g, Lucifer
Behold a Pale Horse:

The white horse of the apocalypse represents death. This is quite fitting because old Taylor is in fact dying.
The process of death in this video was grossly overlooked by the mainstream media (it’s so cute though- even CNN tried to “decode” the video and missed the entire point).
This concept may be a bit much, so I’ll keep it simple. In the occult practice of alchemy one can become enlightened or more advanced by “reconciling the opposites.”
This is represented by many symbols, including the twin pillars of the Kabbalah Tree of Life or the black and white symbolism on the floors of Freemason Lodges (called “Moses Pavement”).
We see this happen in the video when “old” Taylor dressed in black reaches out to the “new” Taylor in white:
To further prove the point that “old” Taylor is dying; we see a literal death brought on by “new” Taylor:
The destruction of “old” Taylor by “new” Taylor is conducted with the powers of lightning, which is yet another symbol of Lucifer since he “fell like lightning” from the Heavens:
You will eventually realize that ALL of this fits together. It goes back to an original occult belief in a “dark lord” that was the planet of Saturn.
Saturn is a symbol the basic primer is that it is represented by the cube. It shouldn’t go unnoticed that “new” Taylor is shown inside of the cube:
This is Freemason Enlightenment 101: it's all pretty sloppy (small & big picture) i can do better than this.

Reconciliation of opposites; meaning Taylor is becoming a new entity that is “awakened” by the ways of the occult.

It couldn’t be any clearer than how the video ends:
We see the “new” Taylor- fully reconciled and walking up the stairs towards the “light.” This is f@ggotry symbolism of Freemasonry which shows the initiate progressing upwards through the rites of Freemasonry.
The Freemason literature (mostly Albert Pike) references inspirations of Luciferian guidance towards the light.
Regardless of this Lucifer-Light argument, I believe the video is showing us that Taylor Swift is truly reborn into something new- a puppet of the Illuminati…
Taylor Swift isn’t particularly “evil” but she is being used as a conduit to steer the masses down the path of Luciferian guidance.

She is being used by the movement known as the “Illuminati” that seek to instill certain themes, messages, and symbols into our world.
That said, she's not going through this path with a box of cupcakes. Who knows what they made her do behind closed doors.

Anyways, They desperately want to take us down the path of transhumanism which leads to man becoming “god” through digital consciousness efforts.
At the very end of the video when old Taylor in black is being electrocuted/shocked, the graffiti spray paint reads “They’re burning all the witches” – stop the video at 3:17

– though I also feel the lightning could be the electroshock therapy Taylor is receiving through
MK Ultra mind control to create the new persona. As we know, the elite corrupt the occult ideology by forcing the creation of a new persona through trauma-based mind control, False perverted enlightenment.
Taylor Swift, are in the Illuminati?… Is anybody in the Illuminati?… Are the artists merely controlled by them?… Today we take a jab at Taylor Swift and see if there is any occultism worth pulling from her art and ask the question…
I’m not suggesting you, Taylor Swift, is actually in the Illuminati; but rather a useless pawn for them. IF the “Illuminati” truly exist (they exist) and they control the music industry, then she would be used by them as a conduit of channeling perverted symbolism to the masses.
Are you a pawn for the Saturn Worshipping Pedos, Taylor? If you're not, please feel free correct me.
If anyone has doubts that Taylor Swift is being MKULTRA-mind control-handled; look no further than her connections to Kanye West.
He essentially introduced her at the 2009 VMAs during the ritualized embarrassment of grabbing the microphone from Taylor during acceptance speech.

This was coordinated like any other good tabloid story.
A year later in 2009 he infamously interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. Some claim that the Illuminati used Kanye as a tool to promote Taylor Swift,
because at the time the hip hop community had no knowledge of who she was, which supports my theory that rap and pop are being merged as one in order to simplify the processing of an Illuminati agenda.
How curious is it that she is in the bathtub full of diamonds in her Look What You Made Me Do video?…
This is a reference to another event which had a highly ritualized feel; the robbery of Kim Kardashian. RISE AND FALL OF KANYE WEST, and how it relates to the occult imagery found throughout entertainment, especially the significance of being placed in the bathtub.
It’s quite interesting how BOTH of these artists are connected and quite potentially traumatized by SOMETHING in the music industry…
Zeena Schreck is the daughter of Anton LaVey- the founder of the Church of Satan. In the zeitgeist of online memes there is a theory that she is actually Taylor Swift because they look very similar:
Although this theory sounds absurd; there are some ideas to consider. First, celebrities are indeed cloned. I can’t refute the possibility of this because bio-engineering is most definitely on the short list of “Illuminati” interests.
Another idea to consider is that Zeena was indeed trained in theater and arts, which would lend itself to the theory that she is acting as Taylor Swift (although I can’t reconcile the age differences here; perhaps Taylor is a daughter?…). Who knows.
Revelation of the Method

A concept near and dear to my heart is that of symbolism. Carl Jung said symbols gave purpose to man and many others understand the importance of influencing our subconscious.
So what better way to demonstrate principles of the occult than direct advertising to the masses of esoteric concepts such as the All Seeing Eye?…

Taylor Swift’s All Seeing Eye from “Out of the Woods” music video (subtle hints about human hunting).
Taylor Swift All Seeing Eye from “Wildest Dreams”
Taylor Swift All Seeing Eye from “Style” video
Taylor Swift All Seeing Eye from “Bad Blood” video
Taylor Swift & Kendrick Lamar All Seeing Eye in Bad Blood video
Taylor Swift & Kendrick Lamar All Seeing Eye in “Bad Blood” video; Duality of Black and White
Further down the rabbit hole of esoteric symbols; we also see the Illuminati Mark of the Beast with the “X” Pharoah  crossed arms (as well as the symbol of cutting one’s throat if revealing the secrets of the orders such as Freemasonry):
…which we also see the Mark of the Beast “X” in “STYLE“:
…and “Look What You Made Me Do“:
We also see the symbol of a fractured mind- symbolism of MKULTRA type mind control: Mind control through the All Seeing Eye of the Handler
…which plays itself nicely into the themes presented in her Look What You Made Me Do video with themes of the sex kitten: and Taylor as a sex kitten.
Taylor with the room of fembots
Taylor in the birdcage of control
Diamonds: Symbols of the Presidential Programming
Taylor’s Alters
This song is featured on her new album Reputation which has its symbolism of the All Seeing Eye with the “V” Call of Typhon right on the promo art:
Speaking of clones; we already know about the MKULTRA mind control aspects behind the alter ego (it’s related to the idea of an amnesic barrier created through trauma which results in multiple identities.
Looking at Taylor Swift we can argue that she’s got a couple of these on deck. For instance, in her Bad Blood video she was also known as “Catastrophe.”
There have also been theories of her with a clone named Becky:
Or the Japanese Evil Twin from a McDonalds ad:
And of course the aforementioned Zeena Schreck.

She’s also been known for songwriting under an alias of Nils Sjoberg.

Look What You Made Me Do video we hear her as she says on the phone that:

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone now. Why? Oh, cuz she’s dead.”
On November 11th, 2017 Taylor Swift performed on Saturday Night Live.

During these performances she was shown with a microphone shaped like a serpent:
Many media outlets are claiming that it’s a reference to a beef with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian; but the truth could be much more insidious.

The symbol of the serpent is one that represents the spirit of Luciferianism.
Whether it be the Kundalini of Tantric practices or a reference to the serpent in the Garden of Eden; many themes of occultism are connected to the snake.
Bush's relative, Aleister Crowley, described the Dionysian rituals of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll as follows:

“…snake that giveth knowledge and delight and bright glory”
Perhaps this is one more symbol to add to the growing list of Taylor’s new way of being…
I didn’t really see a lot of Swift’s past that was necessarily “haunting.” The more recent videos suggest a bit of an Illuminati power play on her; but I’m guessing this next album will bump these things up a notch.
The reason we hear her say the old Taylor is “dead” is because this is the classic sign of one being “rebirthed” into the new way of thinking.
In the days of the ancient mystery schools they would place the candidate underground for a period of days before bringing them “back to life” as a newly born initiate into the ways of the occult.
Swift’s “Out of the Woods” as an Earth Goddess of Paganism
Is she “in” Illuminati, as in an initiate of their order? Unlikely. More likely Monarch slave passed around their ritual orgies from time to time, tool used to push the most minor components of their agenda onto the masses, occasional ‘guest’ at some of their public gatherings.
If anything, she would be made an initiate of one of their more public outer orders, of the Thelemic (A.:.A.:. / OTO), Masonic (Memphis-Misraim), Hermetic/Sabbatean/Rosicrucian (Golden Dawn) variety for example.
In the unlikely instance a celebrity were to be descended from "noble" pedo blood, from a house with lineage in the order, or such an adept in their craft they were to be ‘tapped’ that would be the sole exception.
“X” symbolizes an occult calling upon forces from the Abyss. A dark, sinister force that can grant the wishes of its user through the goddess of Isis.
How curious is it that Taylor goes from the underground burial into the bathtub in this video.
bathtub is a cleansing ritual that one takes before crossing over into a new realm.

This is also the allegation behind the curious deaths of the “diva” goddess Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina;
When Taylor is in this bathtub, she is shown being showered in diamonds.
This symbol takes us into the realm of MKULTRA mind control, in which some claim diamonds represent the mind controlled victims that are utilized by politicians (referred to as “Presidential Models”).
We’ve seen this symbolism in the past from artists like Britney Spears and Beyonce (artists that both have a slew of occult symbolism worth considering, like when Britney shaved her head and said she was “tired of people plugging things into her”):
Beyonce’s Diamond Sex Slave Status

…and that’s only the beginning of this video’s mind control symbolism…
Another symbol of MKULTRA mind control is that of the birdcage, which also makes an appearance in this video.
The birdcage represents the breakdown of the mind as well as the alchemical principles of becoming transmutated into a new form through the process represented by various birds (starting with the nigredo or “blackening”).
We’ve seen this many times in the past:

Beyonce “Partition” video
Miley Cyrus as the black bird
Shia and Sia in Elastic Heart
Ariana Grande & many more
Staying on the theme of mind control programming; lets go back to the symbolism of the sex kitten which also referenced as a link to this entire concept.
She then goes into a room to control a slew of slaves as robots…
…which eventually breakdown from the trauma.
It’s possible that Taylor was mocking Katy Perry since she was using the sex kitten long before Swift.
Or maybe it was Iggy Azalea?…
…Or Beyonce?…
Or Azalea Banks?
Or Rita Ora?
Or Meghan Trainor?

…Nah, I’m just over-analyzing, right?…😉
Taking a step back, we can argue the video starts out by showing us Taylor as an initiate of the occult,
starting out underground much like they practiced in the ancient Egyptian secret societies that buried initiates underneath the Pyramids of Giza before they were “resurrected” as a newly enlightened being in the ways of the occult.
This explains why we see all of Taylor’s alter egos- a fracture of the mind where it breaks down into various alters in order to create an amnesic barrier.
So it seems that Taylor has gone down the path of so many artists before her. They are “enlightening” her into the ways of the occult. Or perhaps they are just showing the symbolism that suggest it to be so.
Either way, we can add her to a growing list of entertainers that keep these creepy and sloppy occult scripts alive in the minds of so many that have questioned the nature of reality and the higher purposes being used by the “Illuminati” to evolve ALL OF US into THEIR WAYS.
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