Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging people to donate to local, abolitionist organizations like ours. We’ve been quiet online but very active in our community. This isn’t a thought piece, we just wanted to share a brief update on what we’ve been up to+
We have been organizing monthly supply drives and 1:1 support check ins for our members and their families, and redistributing funding to provide direct financial relief.
Our weekly community and TJ builder program, called Circles, is running online and our youth facilitators run biweekly political education workshops on the systemic roots of the covid crisis.
Our team of youth organizers has been working with our allies and friends on several campaigns including #PoliceFreeSchools and #MassReleaseNow
We have doubled the size of our community garden growing space, in order to grow more food and herbal medicine to giveaway to our neighbors.
We continue to grieve the loss of two of our members since last fall. We love you Mike & Mer.
We've met weekly online as an intergenerational team and will continue to do so to check in, share updates, and grow our work forward as this moment of important escalation develops. Thank you for the support+
Resist resist resist- everywhere! Sending our love, strength, solidarity and overwhelming gratitude to Minneapolis.  #DefundThePolice and  #BurnItDown

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