CW: Mentions of racism & police violence
Non-Black ppl, especially white ppl, who have children: Talk to your kids about police violence & anti-Blackness. If you don’t, you’re teaching them that this doesn’t matter to or impact you/them. You’re teaching them not to care about Black lives & Black wellbeing.
When you insulate your children from this violence, when you refuse to have the hard conversations that Black parents have to have with their children, you are setting your kids up to be the sources of early racial trauma for Black youth.
When white & non-Black children aren’t told about how police treat Black people, they act reckless around police with Black friends present, they minimize Black fear, Black anger, Black pain because they have been taught to ignore it or explain it away.
I don’t care if your kid is 4 or 14, your desire to protect their innocence regarding police brutality & senseless death comes directly at the expense of a Black children. And when I say talk, I don’t mean talk about it once, I mean every time. Every name. Keep talking about it.
Never let your kids forget what happens to Black people in America because when they forget, they can’t understand why we are angry or mistrustful or want Black-only spaces or riot; when they forget they do harm because they assume everyone feels as safe as they do.
Non-Black people, especially white people, stop apologizing to Black people & start doing something to change white people, starting with your own people. Talk to your kids. #BlackLivesMatter #BLM
Note: I use the term “riot” above bc that’s what non-Black children will mostly hear unless told & taught otherwise. This thread explains why the word choices matter: https://twitter.com/jennmjacksonphd/status/1266433160159600647?s=21 https://twitter.com/jennmjacksonphd/status/1266433160159600647
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