THREAD - In response to the recently publicized targeting, attacking, and killing of Black Americans at the hands of both police and neighbors, Jobs With Justice Executive Director @SmileyJWJ gave the following statement 👇 1/6
"Derek Chauvin, the officer who murdered George Floyd, had 18 previous complaints against him — but his local ‘union,’ the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, helped prevent his removal." 2/6
"How many times does Bob Kroll’s police union in Minneapolis — the makers of the ‘Cops for Trump’ t-shirts — have to murder Black people before they are held accountable?" 3/6
"Black people are consistently managing the fear and anxiety of white people around them in everyday situations — many times, with their lives." 4/6
"The same anxiety likely existed in Ahmaud Arbery, as he tried to jog around that pick-up truck, or in George Floyd as he tried to reason with police officers who automatically considered him a ‘dangerous’ suspect." 5/6
"We can — we must — come out of this situation with a more just and equitable America. We the People demand it.” 6/6
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