Brahmins used to eat Beef? (A refutation of an article by The Caravan)

The Caravan recently posted this where It is claimed that Hindus used to eat Beef etc. and beef is a democratic right, in this thread I will expose their lies and counter their arguments.
The core of this article is that they try to justify Beef eating by saying “Vedic Brahmins used to Eat Beef”
And they refer to DN Jha as “Brahmin Scholar”, trying to imply that even Brahmins agree with them. Let’s see what he says about Vedas
First, he says Rigveda frequently refers to the cooking of the flesh of Ox, But they didn’t give any reference here, I found original Book of Mr. Jha and found reference there, he says it is written in Rigveda 10,86,14 let’s see.
The mantra is उक्ष्णो हि मे पञ्चदश साकं पचन्ति विंशतिम्, here he translates उक्ष्न as Ox, this is what happens when people try to translate using a dictionary without understanding Vedic Sanskrit and context.
It is made from root उक्ष सेचने which roughly means one that powers or drives it DO NOT mean ox here.
पञ्चदश here refer to 10 Indriya (Karma + Gyana) and 5 Pranas, and विंशतिम् here refers to previous 15 Indriya + Prana + 4 Antah Karan + 1 aatma, former 19 are mentioned in Mandukya Upnishad
So, meaning here is that Indra strengthens and matures Indriya, Pranas antah karan and Aatma.
It do not refer to killing of Ox
Vedas say Indra eats Rosted corn, Soma, curd etc
Rigveda( 3,52,1) meat ik s not mentioned anywhere, hence it is clear that there is no ox mentioned in Vedas.
In sanskrit उक्ष has many meanings like Soma, a herb, large etc attaching screenshot. (Note- the meaning is taken as bull when talking about impregnating flock)
Even if someone is not capable to know correct meaning due to lack of knowledge and uses a dictionary, why they took meaning deliberately as ox? When Vedas clearly Indra eats soma and उक्षन् also means Soma, so why meaning was taken as ox?
That’s why only those should translate Vedas who understand the Vedic philosophy, sanskrit and have read Upnishads, Brahmans etc.
Next comes the claim that Agni eats cows and Bulls, in his book he gives reference to Rigveda 8,43,11.
This shows translator is either a fool or biased, Here we have context of Yajna and Agni is fire of which burns there. So in Yajna we give ahutis with Ghee hence it was written Agni eats Ghee
There are two more words mentioned there उक्षन्नाय वशान्नाय which they translate as eat Bull and eat cow. But this is totally wrong.
If we look at Acharya Sayana's bhashya he says
उक्षान्नमदनियम् meaning we should eat उक्षान्न. Notice that this is in "Napunsak Linga" hence it DO NOT mean Bull
So their translation is totally wrong, here it means Grains(अन्न) which empowers us which we should eat and use it for Yajna. Same for वशान्न it too refers to Samagri of Yajna NOT cow.
Now comes the word Gau, they translate it to Cow directly, this shows they lack knowledge of sanskrit and they use a dictionary to translate.
गौ (Gau) can mean many things, in Nighantu by Maharishi Yaska Gau is used for EARTH, common name, one who praises etc attaching pics.
It is made from गम्
गच्छतीति गम् that means one that goes makes other go is called Gau. That's why it is used for Earth too as earth moves.
One more claim from Taittariya Brahman on "अन्नम् वै गौ" he claims it means "Cow is verily food"
This is a laughable translation, no person with knowledge will translate like this.
For example Jaiminiya Brahman says "क्षत्रं वै सोमः"
So they will translate it as Soma Rasa is Kshatriya. That's why I said laughable, here it means Kshatriya causes peace hence he is called Soma.
Similarly in Taittariya Brahman "Annam vai gau" means food makes us go, we get our energy from food only
Words like Vrishabha is made from वृष सेचने Which is similar to उक्ष सेचने as I have already explained.

Hence it is clear that translators are lacking proper knowledge or they have bad Intentions. Either way, nobody should believe in such translations
In Conclusion, no beef eating is NOT mentioned anywhere in Vedas and those who claim so lack proper knowledge of sanskrit

नमः शंभवाय
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