Joe Biden is speaking about the murder of Mr. Floyd & the racism that black people endure. He references MLK on "the appalling silence of good people" as he compellingly calls out the complicity of complacency. Promises Mr. Floyd's family justice. That's the leadership we need.
"The original sin of this nation still stains it today" - Biden
The contrast to "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" from Trump could not be more stark.
There is no room -- NO ROOM -- to say that there is no difference between the 2 parties. There is no room to speak of the lesser of 2 evils when 1 is evil and the other is not. Vote Democratic. #Biden2020
Joe Biden launched his candidacy talking about Charlottesville & reminding everyone we are in a fight for the soul of America. Let me be blunt: November presents a choice between good and evil. Yes. It is that simple. Vote Democratic. #Biden2020
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