Scientists tested the animals at the market and none were found to carry SARS-CoV-2. Likely the virus jumped from wild host into humans elsewhere and the market was an early “superspreader” event with people passing it to other people
This probably won’t help extinguish the conspiracy theories, but blaming wet markets overlooks that zoonotic spillovers have historically almost always happened when people encounter animals *in the wild*
Wet markets (and Chinese labs, for that matter) are easy and convenient scapegoats, but there are better and more relevant reasons to criticize them
Anyway, we need to pay attention to how people are pushing into wild spaces and coming into contact with wild animals. That is the bigger zoonotic spillover pandemic risk. Lots more to say about this next week on
Don’t be frustrated that the story of SARS-CoV-2’s origins keeps evolving. That’s exactly how science works, and it’s how we’ll one day find the full true story
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