forgive me if this is selective activism and bitter but I see people who have never spoken or blinked about racism in India towards Northeasterns but now all of a sudden is posting about racism in USA. If anything you guys are selective, you follow something when the west does it
when all of that energy and outrage can be directed towards fighting racism towards Indians from your own fellow Indians IN INDIA, where you LIVE!
this doesn't mean that we should not talk about racism in the US, police brutality and murder of black citizens. I just meant when you see how evil and dangerous racism is ur voice can be of more use/productive right where you live. Don't have to go across borders to fight racism
it's easy and convenient to speak against something wrong happening on the other side of the globe. Talking about racism in India comes with acknowledging and accepting we have the 'racist', and that you have more in common with your white oppressors than you'd like to believe.
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