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Can you imagine how this #Plandemic would have unfolded if #Obamacare would have been fully implemented under HRC?

Follow along and expand your mind..
2/ listen carefully to what the doctor says about bureaucrats and others trying to come between the doctor - patient care .. listen carefully :

https://twitter.com/wyn1745/status/1266006071413374978?s=21 https://twitter.com/wyn1745/status/1266006071413374978
3/ Now think how the MSM mockingbirds have tried to shut down all talk of HCQ.. how the Technocrat censors tried to scrub any account or mention of HCQ that went against #CCP ..
4/ If Hillary would have won, there would be no Right to Try, there would be no overhaul of VA, Obamacare would still be funded and have expanded .. inner city families would be at mercy of bureaucrats and phone-a-nurse for care!
5/ And the vaccine Fauci and Gates and Chinese already worked on with Biden connected companies like Adimab .. that’s what Inner cities would get.. what America would get.. no HCQ.. no Safe vaccine!
6/ How many more would have died? They would have ALL forced Nursing homes in every state to take sick patients .. they would have used FEMA to control Article 32 troops and mismanaged them.. they would have used Stafford to steal billions of $$$!!

Millions would have died.
7/ Now we know why Obamacare was so important to their plan.. but they still went forward with the plan. And now that lockdown is ending and HCQ narrative is failing, they go back to 2016 agenda > Cops vs Blacks > Race War
8/ Democrat hacks in Hollywood calling for a race war!!

https://twitter.com/breitbartnews/status/1266075163059204096?s=21 https://twitter.com/breitbartnews/status/1266075163059204096
9/ Paid-for-mouths like Maxine Waters calling for race war!

https://twitter.com/gatewaypundit/status/1266077109857988609?s=21 https://twitter.com/gatewaypundit/status/1266077109857988609
10/ It is no coincidence that Soros was in MN before this #GeorgeFloydMurder .. no coincidence that thugs (Antifa) financially supported by Soros were bused into MN.. everything that kicked off this MN event is suspect and planned!
11/ It is no coincidence that @IlhanMN is smiling when she talks about MN Burning.. she can’t hide the glee inside her evil heart!

https://twitter.com/breaking911/status/1266064675629907968?s=21 https://twitter.com/breaking911/status/1266064675629907968
12/ It is no coincidence that @IlhanMN daughter is working with Democratic Socialists of America (and the color scheme? Antifa).. she is helping to organize the riots

https://twitter.com/kate_awakening/status/1266065321548374017?s=21 https://twitter.com/kate_awakening/status/1266065321548374017
13/ This is just like the Maidan protests in Ukraine. There is no coincidence. This is what they did in Armenia.. Egypt... Libya.. Syria.. this is what they did in Pre-WW2 Germany! These are the same people!

https://twitter.com/mccoolbeanz/status/1265899079973974016?s=21 https://twitter.com/mccoolbeanz/status/1265899079973974016
14/ This is what Soros does everywhere!! He wants to see the world burn.. and make a profit from it! And his minions .. are paid to do it!

This is what Biden and Soros did to Ukraine .. so they could rape the country’s wealth in the aftermath.

https://twitter.com/dcexaminer/status/1266018451895709698?s=21 https://twitter.com/dcexaminer/status/1266018451895709698
15/ So I am calling on all Patriots: Black, Brown, Tan, Yellow, White, Red.. who see each other as Red White and Blue... to rise up with ONE VOICE and DEMAND THE ARREST AND DETENTION OF GEORGE SOROS (aka Georgi Schwartz) for Sedition and Subversion.. spread this info far & wide!
16/ Because they have plans to spread this to other cities .. this is the Hegelian Dialectic .. Alinsky way.. Black vs White.. Law vs Chaos.. Columbus Ohio.. Denver Colorado .. Louisville Kentucky .. NYC.. LA.. they already start! Let people know what to expect!
17/ And their censorship starting at same time is no coincidence.. but they can’t stop all of us! Spread this info! And as #QAnon said: When the Lights go out, assets are in place. Trust the Plan! Stay the Course! Be Encouraged! #WWG1WGA
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