Idol listening to candy a thread:
Verivery's Yeonho
Verivery's Kangmin
The Boyz's Eric
NCT Dream's Renjun
NCT Dream's Jaemin
CLC's Yujin
SF9's Dawon
Golden Child's Joochan and Y
The Boyz's Eric
TRCNG's Hakmin
Shin Yoonjo
The Boyz's Q and New
NU'EST's Minhyun
TOO's Jaeyun
SF9's Jaeyoon
Cignature Seline
Former Pristin member Im Nayoung
Golden Child Joochan
ATEEZ Jongho
Loona Heejin
Pentagon's Yeo One listening to candy on his vlive
1TEAM's Jehyun listening to candy on his vlive
TOO's Jaeyun and Jerome recommended Candy
WayV Yangyang
The Boyz Sangyeon listening to candy on his vlive
Seventeen's Dokyeom covered candy
Golden Child's Jaehyun
Kim Wooseok
SF9's Jaeyoon
Im hanbyul covered candy
CIX Seunghun
Mamamoo Wheein covered candy
Ha Sungwoon included candy in his 24 hour playlist
Bol4 Jiyoung
Super Junior Yesung
Wuzo Circle Chanwoo
Noel's Kang Kyun Sung
Full video
BVNDIT Jungwoo and Simyeong listened to candy on their vlive
Singer Chunghwan did a cover of candy
GOT7 Youngjae jamming to candy
DAY6 YOUNGK jamming to candy
Produce X 101/WEi member Kang Seokhwa listening to candy on his vlive
Apink Eunji played candy on her radio
Newkidd members dancing to candy again on their vlive
Weki Meki Yoojung singing candy on her instastory
PinkFantasy Yechan covered candy
Full video:
The Boyz Sunwoo sang candy on his vlive, he said he's listening to candy a lot these days
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