Schrodinger's Muslim.

Muslim woman when she wants to play the victim card.

Otherwise tweets that she is not a religious person, hasn't prayed or read quran in a decade.
"All religions promote Te**orism, including Islam"
Not Islam. No. It has to be a new religion called "Peace". 😂😂😂
This is not cropped. Why would someone hate religion so much, except that they are maybe Atheist? I mean I don't have a problem if you are Atheist, atleast be honest about it.
Slandering Muslim men. Does this not feed into Sanghi propaganda against Muslims?
Again slandering Muslim men of supporting Triple Talaq, and opposing the Triple Talaq Bill. I know many Muslims who do not support Instant Triple Talaq, and this is a plain lie, an attempt to dehumanise Muslims.
I don't even know why she thinks that the religions in general lack peace and unity.
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