Let's talk. (A thread)

The University of Saskatchewan Huskies football team recently lost 2 players... in both cases, mental health was an issue.

We need to talk to one another... open up... help when needed or able.
Samwel Uko was also 20 years old.

"I think the hospital failed him. He was really ill and anytime I would sit with him I could see that his mind wasn’t there"

Uko posted a video to Snapchat where he was seen repeating the words “I need help.” https://globalnews.ca/news/6999467/samwel-uko-cousin-health-care-failure-wascana-lake/
If you or someone you know needs help...

Alberta: 24hr Mental Health help line 1-877-303-2642

Crisis Services Canada
1-833-456-4566 or text 45645

Kids Help Phone
1-800-668-6868 or text 686868

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Don't be afraid to reach out to friends, loved ones or anyone you trust. Heck my DMs are open.

I struggled with coming out. I had some dark moments but thankfully I had a core group of friends who helped me. And once I came out - my fam was there to support. #lgbtq
Bottom line... you are not alone. You are loved. You matter. You deserve to get help.

Reach out.

We are ready to love, help and support you and your journey. #Mentalhealth
#LetsTalk #lgbtq

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