To folks who, like me, believe in electoral politics as an avenue to contest for power for our people:

Please stop responding to state-sanctioned murder of Black people and the uprisings with calls to vote this November. It’s really insulting, misguided and dangerous.
If you think all it’ll take to root out white supremacy in this country is giving the boot to 45, you haven’t been paying attention.

And you are choosing to ignore the pain & anger our folks are experiencing and the true scale of the oppression of Black people in this country.
I can hold all of this true while also believing this is the most consequential election of my time and being committed to do my part to get him out.

I believe we can and must hold these nuances and move accordingly.
I get that this moment is hard and a lot of folks don’t know what to do. But making this just about voting ain’t it.

Go back, do some research.

Make new, bigger commitments to end white supremacy in our lifetime.

And follow the lead of organizers across the country.
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