Waking up to the overnight news from Minneapolis, & trying to amplify the words of others to support my sisters & brothers trying to save their lives in a racist & unjust world

I see this powerful thread from @UofMPedsRes-"all we know is that we have to say something"... https://twitter.com/UofMPedsRes/status/1266156361806680065
I have seen residents, students, and official program accounts embrace advocacy increasing more on #medtwitter, not feel relinquished to the shadows or need to be silent--but I have never seen a residency program advocacy thread SO POWERFUL with as much raw honestly & reflection
YES-the role of the pediatrician in advocacy: "We can't help but think of our patients. Some of them don't get to feel as safe as others because their skin is darker. And we know kids need to feel safe in order to grow." @MonaHannaA
"To our black residents and students: we see you. We hear you."

@uche_blackstock @DrOniBee @gradydoctor @UREssien @DrJRMarcelin @DrFNA @DrJCoftheDC @DrQuinnCapers4
"We are a training program"

I'm so glad they didn't say "we are ONLY a training program"...but even if they did, in the words of @BarackObama--"one voice can change a room...and if it can change a room, it can change a city"
so kudos to what ever account manager (chief resident? resident? PD? APD? program administrator?) wrote this thread. we need more of this in #GMEtwitter #medtwitter

and if @UofMPedsRes can use #SoMe for powerful advocacy and SPEAK UP, all in medicine must use their megaphone
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