So I pushed in that conversation. Sometimes hard. I questioned why it was even important. Mostly, I got crickets. I was lauded for being brave. For what? For asking #mtbos to live it’s values? Ok...
Lots of discussion and study of the problem, with not a whole lot of action. People still scared to speak up. Having to be careful about their job and family and livelihood. Meanwhile math EOC managed to act while facing the same risks. #mtbos
Thank God this platform has brought me people who’ve shown me how to fight strategically and who are in this with me. Some are in #mtbos but most are not. I usually don’t even use the hashtag when I tweet.
People are dying. In the cites that you live in. There is proof. They look like me and my husband and my children. I love math and I do tweet about it. But unless I am alive, the math won’t matter. I choose to fight for our lives. #mtbos
I’m tired. And furious. The silence is killing me and #mtbos and all of us. Equity is not about choosing a dope math task - it’s about using the math to improve our existence. We don’t need fancy tasks. We need modeling of a critical lens of mathematics we see in the world.
So #mtbos I will continue to fight. I’m past noticing the silence and wondering if you will act. You have the data. You’re up.
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