This may come as a shock to many, but if one compares the India and Chinese deployment in the Himalayas, there’s not much difference between the two countries, whether in terms of manpower or equipment.
Infrastructure-wise China has done a first class job but India is fast getting there & has its troops positioned to within a few kilometres of the Line of Actual Control. It has enabled India to block Chinese troop incursions and also assert their claims.
Looking at land forces, they say that India fields around 225,000 personnel spread over northern, central and eastern commands. It includes a T-72 tank brigade in Ladakh and a Brahmos missile regiment in Arunachal Pradesh.
The Indian Air Force has about 270 fighters and 68 ground attack aircraft spread across western, central and eastern air commands. There are 10 airbases including Srinagar, Adampur, Tezpur, Bareilly and Gorakhpur. There are also 15 advanced landing grounds including 5 in Ladakh.
The PLA Air Force has around 157 aircraft of all kinds tasked for the Indian frontier. Add to that nearly 50 drones primarily designated for strike missions, and eight other drones for surveillance.
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