Okay, here we go: Of the 59 Assembly Democrats running again in NYC, 25 (42%) have taken law enforcement (police, correction, or court officer) money this cycle.

NOTE: DenDekker, Simotas, and Lentol are all in the top 10. All face challengers in increasingly-leftist districts. https://twitter.com/aaronnarraph/status/1266194525946556417
In the Senate, 13/24 (54%) of incumbents running again have taken cop money this cycle.

And on the Council, only 15 Dems aren’t term-limited; 7 (47%) have taken cop money this cycle.
And here are the citywide and boroughwide electeds from last night.

Check out all the cop donations this cycle and the (incomplete) list of law enforcement PACs I put together here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bu1wXgR8WKxhiF46W_VcVjk86myBC47S6bIfD8bwqic/edit https://twitter.com/aaronnarraph/status/1266220506413441024
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