My mam, a black Brazilian woman, a descendant of slaves who grew up in a favela whose brother was killed by the police has faced racism all her life. Now an Irish citizen she has been brought to tears countless times by the injustices she faces just for being black and some 1/5
of you dare to say Ireland isn’t racist?

I, a black Brazilian-born Irish-citizen, had a gun held to my head by a policeman in my home country at the age of 11 simply for being black can tell you this country is filled with racism, I’ve been subject to it 2/5
I know what it looks like. POC’s, immigrants and members of the travelling community experience it everyday. I’ve been called a nigger, been randomly stopped and searched by guards, been denied entry into venues too many times
for you to sit behind your screens and claim that Ireland doesn’t have a racism issue. We’re one gun law away from being shot in the street by gardaí and racists because the hate and superiority mentality is already there.
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