Hi. I'm keeping track of any disinformation, hoaxes, or out-of-context photos and videos about the Minneapolis protests.

If you see something, send it to me. My DMs are open and my email is [email protected]
1. This tweet says certain hashtags related to Black Lives Matter and Minneapolis are being throttled.

Per @TaylorLorenz, a reporter at New York Times who covers TikTok, this was a glitch with view counts. The company issued a statement and the issue has since been fixed.
2. Some have asked whether this image is genuine.

It is. It shows an affordable housing unit on fire in Minneapolis. Here's a story on it from the Star Tribune: http://startribune.com/minneapolis-vandalism-targets-include-189-unit-affordable-housing-development/570836742/
3. Do not get information from Breaking News twitter accounts.

Many use breaking news situations to gain clout and followers. For example this one, which used an old photo of a McDonald's on fire to make it look like it was from Minneapolis.
4. Avoid sharing this claim. It's unverified and police have denied it. We're investigating and I'll tweet more information when we have it.

More here:
↪️ More on the above in this thread: https://twitter.com/AricToler/status/1266196890649088000
5. A black CNN reporter and two members of his team were arrested in Minnesota yesterday.

Minnesota police confirmed it in a tweet that CNN said was inaccurate. We have more information what happened here:
6. This account collected over 30,000 retweets by claiming their brother is missing.

That's not true, the account just tweeted that they don't know the man in the photo.

The building shown in the photo contained affordable housing units but was not entirely dedicated to affordable housing: "six-story project includes 189 apartments, including 38 affordable apartments"

More here and my apologies: https://midtowncorner.com/ 
RE: point 4.

Adding this tweet to thread for clarity. It's important to remember that information coming from police does not constitute hard evidence. The identity of the man in the photo remains unverified. https://twitter.com/JaneLytv/status/1266370627285336064
7. This video is not of Minneapolis.

It's of the Tianjin explosion in China in 2015.
8. This is not the Walmart in Minnesota.

The video looks to be of the apartment building fire I mentioned above. The Walmart is still standing.
9. Twitter removed a tweet that claimed to have officer Chauvin's address, telling me it was a violation of their policy.
10. This is not someone's missing uncle.

This is a photo of the late Charles Chamblis, Minnesota photographer who captured "the best of black life" in the city, per Star Tribune.
11. I don't want to speculate, but from the timing of this tweet and the responses it seems like the implication is that the photo is from Minnesota.

It's not. Here it is from 10 days ago, being tweeted in a German context.
12. This is NOT accurate. BuzzFeed News has confirmed that Derek Chauvin has been charged with murder.

More details here: http://buzzfeednews.com/article/salvadorhernandez/minneapolis-police-officer-arrested-george-floyd?ref=bfnsplash
14. If you're donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, MAKE SURE you have the correct website. It is: https://minnesotafreedomfund.org/  https://twitter.com/MNFreedomFund/status/1266550293157892100
15. There's a tweet going around claiming that dazzle makeup can help protect you from facial recognition.

That is false, do NOT rely on it. More here: https://twitter.com/RealSexyCyborg/status/1235401555555172352
16. This account LOOKS like it belongs to a CBS reporter, but it doesn't. Instead, it spreads disinformation.

Sevaried was a legendary CBS reporter during the Edward Murrow era who passed away in 1992. You can find out more about him here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Sevareid
17. Ok, here's what we know about the claims in this tweet and vid so far:

- Have not seen other angles (plz send if you have)
- Faces tricky to make out
- National Guard confirmed to me uniform matches
- They also confirmed they DO NOT have underage soldiers
18. A popular video strongly implied that the man in it was not a CNN reporter, as he said, but an undercover policeman. That is false, per CNN colleague who recognized the man. 👇 https://twitter.com/dgisserious/status/1266759878686760960
19. This account has been posting a large amount of disinformation, some of it debunked above.

Steer clear its posts.
20. This website has been posting about the Black Lives Matter protests, but it's not trustworthy.

The about page contains no staff information, the articles are plagiarized, and the site itself was registered in January of this year. The insta for it has almost 17k followers.
21. Idk who needs to hear this, but this is not the White House.
22. Don't trust this website. There are no bylines, no about page, no contact information for staff.
23. This video is from Lebanon protests, not the US, per reverse image search.

What a kick, though.
24. A lot of "Soros paid protesters" zombie hoaxes going around. This one's from at least 2015. https://twitter.com/4ngl3rf1sh/status/1266945035288879106
25. This hoax is over 5 years old and is being spread anew in an attempt to smear protesters.

Don't fall for this.
26. This conspiratorial thread offers no proof of its claim.

Yes, we should be aware of foreign information operations (not just Russia) but we should be VERY careful in attributing things that are happening in real life to online trolls without evidence.

Please don't do this.
27. This video is from last month, not this weekend.

It depicts a California policeman pinning a 14-year-old boy to the ground. Here's more on what happened.
28. Uncle Hugo's bookstore says "there is NO sanctioned fundraising at this time."

Don't give your money to this GoFundMe campaign.
29. Be careful here, this is misleading.

This tweet doesn't show the full context of the video and falsely says the man who was beaten up is dead. He is in hospital in stable condition and here's more information on what happened. Via @RyanWoodDFW
30. This one's a bit tricky but worth getting into.

The Minnesota Public Safety commissioner said they're doing something "like contact tracing" to look at people who came to the state for protest. He specifically mentioned while supremacists. (1/2)
(2/2) This is different than coronavirus contact tracing that health professionals use to map and prevent the spread of the disease and *should not be confused.*

Here's the clip for context: https://twitter.com/NBCNews/status/1266758240018276352
31. Reports of a gmail address being used to impersonate Black Lives Matter in Atlanta.👇 Be careful with the impersonations making rounds. https://twitter.com/shedefendsit/status/1267105882543980544
32. No. This is from last year.
33. Via @snopes: The man in the Make America Great Again Hat is not Chauvin. More here: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/make-whites-great-again-hat/
35. If you share this video, make sure it's in the right context.

According to this Instagram post, it was shot a year ago, not within the last week.
36. An anonymous account created today is sharing a fake photo claiming it's of the protests. It's hiding the replies that correctly say the image is from Designated Survivor.

Be careful folks, lots of this going around.
37. Seeing tweets claiming there was a communications blackout in DC. According to @netblocks, which monitors internet outages globally, including during protests, there was no disruption in service 👇 https://twitter.com/netblocks/status/1267448867416653828
38. Oakland Zoo says all tigers are accounted for despite rumors of one being set loose.

Imagine being the zookeeper who had to check. https://twitter.com/ACSOSheriffs/status/1267302868945563648
↪️ More on possible blackouts in DC https://twitter.com/josephfcox/status/1267458315434385408
39. This protester in Chicago did not steal a police horse.

He goes by the name Dread Head Cowboy and is known in the community for riding his horse in the city and surrounding areas. He joked about stealing a horse from the police in a recent video, which is why the confusion
40. Not seeing any credible reports of police using or being authorized to use live rounds right now.
41. There seem to be accounts coordinating spreading rumors. We cannot attribute who is doing it and whether it's an automated or organic campaign.

First set is spreading false rumors about police using live rounds.

Second set spreading unconfirmed rumors on DC blackout.
↪️ PLEASE don't fall into an "it's the Russians" trap. A lot of the trolling comes from bad actors within the US. We also can't be sure (yet) whether they're fully automated or if someone is creating the tweets manually.

Just be careful with who you RT. Check create date always.
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