1/ Since y'all are all too young to remember this, and since I was only 5 at the time, there's some ancient history here to be considered.

In the 1968 race, Roger Ailes told Nixon -- I'd have to look it up as to the exact date -- to pivot from Vietnam to the post-King riots.
2/ Nixon went full-on "law and order" not only as a signifier about African Americans but also about the hippy proto-Bernie Bros in Chicago.

Ailes knew a secret; "law and order" was a code for race *and* for culture anxiety in 1968. The Ailes campaign DNA is wired...
3/ ...deeply into Trump's brain. (And don't fool yourself; Bill Clinton leveraged it also) The language, the "Silent Majority" crap, the aggrieved culture war whining is 1968 with a modern beat.

He *wants* the coverage of burning buildings. He *wants* the cops v protesters.
4/ By later today, you'll see a millions post about law and order backing a lawless and orderless Administration led by a criminal. Bannon, Miller, and the rest of the alt-reich Trumpers ADORE this culture war.

Irony has been dead for some time now and is stinking up the place.
5/ Only a jury can bring justice to the murderer of George Floyd, but he's about to become a hero of the Trump world, a symbol of the poor, oppressed cops (sarcasm tone, people) who just have so much stress they have to murder an unarmed black man on the street.
6/ This is the culture war at its most cynical and dark, and Trump and his allies will be talking about the "long, hot summer" any time now.

They're ALREADY modeling how the rioting plays for campaign messaging, I promise you.

Also, 103,000 Americans are dead.
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