(1/4) Many people don’t realise how being ‘woke’ aka being aware of current social issues, geopolitics, cultural sensitivities, etc, come with the PRIVILEGE of having a good education or having access to the right resources and exposure to diverse people.
(2/4) Before looking down on seemingly ignorant people, realise that sometimes they really don’t know any better BUT you can assist them by educating them on whichever matters they’re not aware of. Combating ignorance is a process.
(3/4) Of course, there ARE exceptions and some people, even with access to plentiful resources or are aware of what’s going on around them, still choose to be bigoted and disrespectful, I’m not denying that.
(4/4) But perhaps, it’s far too simplistic to be mad at certain individuals for not being as ‘woke’ or aware as you are without considering factors like educational background, language barriers, access to resources and exposure to other cultures.
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