Today in pulp... I homeschool with some classic programmes for schools and colleges!

Wheel in the school TV... #FridayFeeling
Both the BBC and ITV produced a range of TV programmes to help with the school syllabus from the 1970s onwards. As a treat you got to suit cross-legged in the school library in front of the 'school telly' - a monstrous thing in a wooden cabinet on wheels!
Look and Read was one of the longest-running BBC educational programmes, starting in 1967 and continuing up to 2004. It was fronted by Wordy - a nightmare-inducing floating goofball typewriter head! Who thought that was a good idea?
Look and Read featured a story for viewers to follow across the weeks, many of which are now classic tales such as The Boy From Space and Geordie Racer.
ITV's flagship story programme was Picture Box, with Alan Rothwell. A Badic TV storytime show it did feature the most terrifying opening titles ever - more like a supernatural horror show than schools TV!
History was covered by How We Used To Live - Yorkshire TV's soap opera of the past covering everything from the Victorians up to the swinging 60s. It did feel like watching The Sullivans at times...
Experiment was just that - a video of an experiment for schools with no chemistry labs. You had to take down readings from the screen whilst listening to a disembodied scientist point at Leibig condenses with a pencil. All very surreal...
Zig Zag was the show with the exciting futuristic titles making the slightly dull magazine-type content: history, science and geography for seven year olds. Oh how cheated we felt!
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