One of the most beautiful things about the #Ballum relationship is the way their hands are just all empcompassing. Here is a gif thread devoted to some epic “hand” moments @BallumFan this is for u 😘 #EastEnders

1. It has to begin with this epic moment of handography surely 🤣
2. This beautiful hand hold and thumb stroke doesn’t really needs words. Ben reaching out to offer Callum comfort after the softest kiss on the cheek. The world really doesn’t exist around them at this point!
3. Tbh I could gif the whole siege into one whole section of Callums hands comforting Ben 😭 there is not a moment through that whole episode where Callum does not have his hand on Bens face or in his hair giving him comfort. He really couldn’t stand to let him go!
4. How can we forget this moment. After visiting Ben in the hospital and talking about meeting up for a drink Ben holds his hand out for Callum to take and when he does Bens other hand encasing the two 🥺 I don’t need my heart 😭
5. After confronting Ben in the Mitchell kitchen, Bens line of “enjoy yourself” leads Callum to take the plunge & go in for the kiss. In true Callum ste he places his hands to Bens face, who after seemingly being taken aback moves to steady himself with his hand to Callum
6. After taking the leap and coming out to his dad in front of everyone in the Vic, the earlier request from Ben for Callum to kiss him in front of everyone happens outside the Vic with Jonno looking on. Callum’s hands on Bens face to draw him into the kiss ❤️
7. We have a bit of a theme here with Callum framing Bens face with his hands when they kiss, bringing him in closer, but the added stroke of Bens cheek with Callum’s thumb is so soft 🥺
8. We all know the Callum’s request of Ben to help him with a bit of Roleplay made Ben launch in for the kids so Callum’s steadying hands always there in the moment.
9. Callum talks to Ben about his idea to join the Police, Ben questions Callum on why it’s all on him to change! Promoting this hand hold to show affection to his words “I’m just trying to repay the favour. You gave me the strength to come out, maybe I can help you go straight”
10. In the middle of the Phil/Sharon situation Ben is clearly struggling to sleep. Callum appears to which Ben tells him to “go back to bed babe” to which Callum responseds “no point without you is there” we then have the softest hand kiss, Callum really is the grounding he needs
11. After Louise has had baby Peggy but is still in hospital Ben and Callum stroll along hand in hand through the square ❤️ Callum tells Ben if he needs him to drive him to the hospital he just needs 15minutes notice, he is such a cutesy! We also get added face stroke too 🥺
12. Don’t really want to remember the pain of this but Callum’s hands encompassing bens face saying his first ILY holding on to that moment 😭 “I’ve been looking for this for half my life, and I’m in love with you Ben, real and proper love and it’s beautiful, or it should be”
13. After weeks of waiting we were finally gifted this beautiful reunion. With Bens words “You make me wanna be better” Callum moves in for the kiss as always pulling Ben in with his hands. Ben so over come with the moment unable to workout what to do with his just ❤️
14. Callum doubting himself over his police assessment, Ben sits him down&tells him how far he’s come. Callum saying he doesn’t know why bens bothering, he doesn’t want him to join the police to which Ben grabs his hand & encloses it in both of his “I want you to be you” 😭
15. After having finally been rescued and out of hospital Ben & Callum have their first talk after Callum finds out Ben is deaf. With Callum’s beautiful ILY on Bens back& comforting hands an ever presence,they share a kiss of sheer relief, Callum’s hands drawing Ben in as always
16. Having held it together for the sake of finding Callum, now that hes back, Ben starts to let himself realise the severity of his situation. With Callum hearing Bens clear anguish he quickly is there to offer support&comfort with an ever present reassurance with his hands 🥺
17. We now start to see how Callum has adapted to Bens hearing loss with the way he uses his gentle touches with his hands to get bens attention. This soft touch of the chin to get him to look at him then the comforting hand to the side of bens head, Callum really is an angel 😭
18. Even after an argument Callum is there with his hands offering Ben that love and comfort he needed. Placing his hand on his neck so Ben knew he was there. Then, after Ben launches into the embrace, taking Bens head in his hands&covering his ears acting as his protector 😭
19. unable to find a black tie Ben goes 2 Callum, clearly seeking comfort before Denny’s funeral. Having found one Callum puts the tie on Ben, apologises for their argument over Bens arrest and tells Ben “I’m here” drawing him into this beautiful embrace, head kiss included 😭
20. How can we have a hands thread without this moment of brilliance. The way Ben launches himself at Callum in the same moment that Callum reaches his hands out to Ben engulfing his face in his hands and keeping him close for their kiss.
21. After getting the news his operation is tomorrow, Typical Ben launches himself in for the kiss 🤣 Callum’s hands an ever presence on bens face and neck even mid neck kiss moment keeping Ben there before pulling him away telling him to stop. Sure they wanted to kill us all 🤣
22. Coming into the Mitchell kitchen to surprise Ben before his op, Callum then Callum’s Ben with his comforting hand to his face. Why are they so soft 🥺
23. Knowing Ben was feeling unwell, Callum made Ben breakfast. Sitting at the table Callum placing his food down and offering a gentle under then chin stroke to get bens attention as he is talking to him. “You look better” followed by a reassuring hand to the head 😭
24. After avoiding the ever building situation of the “job” Ben gets Callum to go with him to E20, it his wisest of moves, esp as the music is loud and Bens thoughts are elsewhere. Trying to get Ben to talk to him Callum is that ever grounding presence with this beautiful moment
25. Never giving up on trying to help Ben, Callum works out how he can help Ben “enjoy” the music. Being the loving bf he is the no nonsense “get up” to Ben with the reach out of his hand to get Ben to follow him. Ben is unsure but takes it and follows Callum to the speaker 😭
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