It has been a tragic and traumatic week for the Black community around the world & in America. So today I want to use #FollowFriday to highlight some incredible #BlackAndSTEM people here on Twitter. Listen to their science, but also to their life experiences. #BlackLivesMatter
First up I want to highlight @DrEsquivelPhD! Jessica is an AMAZING particle physicist working on experiments at @Fermilab. She's also a top #scicomm-er, and an
@IFThenSheCan Ambassador!
I've you've ever looked up at the moon at night and thought "wow" then you have to follow @_Astro_Nerd_. Her love for the cosmos is inspiring, and she is also one of the kindest, most beautiful souls on Twitter. She's also in the process of writing a book about the moon!
. @OsmosisReads is another lovely person on here. She's currently working on her degree in #neuroscience, but she's also down-to-earth and courageous in talking about her personal life experiences.
Another wonderful scientist here is @C_Poku93. Craig studies fog and aerosol, but honestly deserves a second doctorate for his bread-baking skills! Check out his pinned tweet for an excellent article on his life experience.
This thread wouldn't be complete without fellow #SouthAfrican and kick-ass science lady @Kolie_Yola! Kolisa is studying #oceanography in Cape Town but has already made her mark on the world stage for both her amazing science and #scicomm skills.
Some more African scientists making their mark around the world are #SouthAfricans @ValerieMarch and @sthabile_kolwa, and Ethiopian @Abebab.

Valerie is working on her MSc in molecular biology, Sthabile is in #datascience, and Abeba is doing her PhD in cognitive science!
Another great account to follow is @keshawnrants, who studies astronomy but is also a lovely person who talks a lot about vitally important sociological issues affecting our world today. I've really learnt a lot from his posts.
Ok, that's it (for now). There are quite a lot of these posts going around right now so I tried to highlight people I haven't seen highlighted elsewhere. I hope you've found some amazing #BlackAndSTEM scientists to follow!

#BlackInSTEM #BlackLivesMatter
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