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As total cases rise, the growth rate of ACTIVE cases = 3.8% - doubling in 18 days.
How are TOTAL and ACTIVE cases growing?
1) Total cases doubling in 16 days.
2)Active cases doubling in 18 days.
The CDGR = 10.62%
7 Day moving average:
1) Daily cases
2) Daily deaths
1) Total cases across hotspot countries (> 100K cases)
2) Total deaths across hotspot countries (> 3000 deaths)
How are countries recovering?
1) Slowly: Italy, Spain and even slower France.
2)V well: Germany, S Korea...
3)Turkey has similar total cases as India...but recovered much faster.
4) Yet to recover: US, UK, Brazil, India...their active cases are still rising.
5) Russia has peaked.
1) Look at ACTIVE cases to know which countries have peaked:S Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, France..
2) And which ones are yet to peak: US, UK, Brazil, India
3) New peak: Iran
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