Do not witchhunt or harass anyone I mention here.

Not even the creators.

This is the one I will mention without screenshots.

But me and my friends were working on a Hazbin Hotel video together. I provided my part but my "friends" barley helped and I became overworked.
I then went into the forum and made a post about some twitter drama before deleting it realizing my mistake.

I was then harassed and had multiple callout post made by a random member who I will not mention here since again, no witch-hunt risk.
Only 2 of my friends even tried to help meanwhile the others ignored it and I eventually had a mental breakdown.
The next day, I told my friends how disappointed I was with thier treatment and they then called me "paranoid" and pretended my pain didnt exist despite them causing drama an entire month.

I then left the server and blocked some of them,
Never speaking to them again.
So thats the first one.
The reason I have no screens for the first one is based on this requiring going back to the discord server which is NOT what I want to do.
(Anything I only mentioned in the server will not be in this thread either.)
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