I’ve seen this thread a bunch today. Some of you will never be in this position. So here’s another way you can help. The racist in your life, challenge them. If they refuse to check themselves, refuse to deal with them. Don’t let them near your children. https://twitter.com/sharpegirl/status/1266062729011441666
Speaking of children. Some of you are raising racist children. Pay attention to how they are talking to their friends. Pay attention to their online activity. That makes you uncool? Oh well. A lot of these little fuckers are racist as hell and you just smile /look the other way.
Lastly, if you are married to a racist, casual or intensely racist, and if you’re honest you know they are, make steps to leave them. Don’t give racist a comfortable place to reside in your marriage bed.
Standing up to police is amazing, but you help all of us by challenging the racists you keep close to your heart, including the racist you see in the mirror. And if you think ME? ID NEVER! Oh yeah boo. You would.
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