Some of the achievements of #Sadhguru:

1. Leave your own guru, start a business.
2. Create a stories about enlightenment.
3. Learn English, Copy Osho style!
4. Have good friends in power corridors.
5. Occupy the protected forest areas.
6. Create docs. that you have legally
acquired the land.
7. Ride, Drive Vehicles to create 'awareness' about environment.
8. Influence the policy, govt. decisions in one's favour.
9. Says Non religious NGO, uses Shiva as propagation of particular religion.
10. International donations (not updated!)
11. I have never seen any spiritual guru who leads such a luxurious life style.

12. He talks of progressive ideas, but still believes in orthodox practices. His stand on Sabarimala Temple entry for women.

13. If someone disagrees with him or his close friends, he calls....
them anti-national, urban naxal, etc.

14. In one of his interview, he called his journalist as Taliban (what we know about the word?). Later he says, it is different thing.

15. If he was environmentalist, he should spoken about Aarey forest, Etalin Hydroelectric Project, etc.
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