Planets in the 12th house and what you’re confused on; a thread.
Sun in the 12th
People with sun in the 12th have a lot of confusion with identity! My theory is it’s because of the tendency for the father to have been hiding something/been outed for hiding something during the pregnancy, so since there was the energy of illusion around the father they
they carry that throughout life
I haven’t read the following, but I’d also like to guess that they could have confusion about what their main focus in life is, and maybe could even not even be sure why they’re defensive at times
Mercury in the 12th
Mercury in the 12th has a hard time expressing what they’re thinking. There’s a lot of confusion around being understood in communications
I can’t do anything without theorizing lmao so this isn’t fact checked at all! So let me know if it resonates but I’d like to guess it’s because siblings or cousins or other family members hid what they were thinking during your moms pregnancy or your early childhood life
and so you carried that energy throughout your life/weren’t exposed to open communications. I’d like to guess that numbers/math is where they have confusion too
Venus in the 12th
There could be confusion around self esteem. You could’ve been shamed for ever feeling good about yourself, and now you don’t know how to express that. This could lead to confusion around romance, as you attract tricky situations that are hard to navigate and aren’t good at
setting boundaries
I’d like to theorize that this placement also has confusion surrounding creative expression. Maybe their aesthetic is always changing or they don’t really know how to show it. Maybe they haven’t pin pointed what creative hobby they are and decorate everything mechanically instead
of to their liking. Maybe they’re also partly confused on what career they’d like
Mars in the 12th
Mars in the 12th has confusion surrounding anger. Sometimes when they feel it they could not even know where it’s coming from. Overall it just could be an uncomfortable emotion for them/one they prefer to suppress. Emotions can’t be suppressed or avoided forever, though, so when
they are angry it can come out in extremes. This is all because as a kid they were taught that anger is not an okay emotion to express by someone
I’d like to theorize that something about sexuality is confusing for them, and their psyche is a hard one to sort through as their drives and urges aren’t obvious. Going in this direction, maybe they couldn’t always understand why they feel the need to do something or act a
certain way. Maybe physical fitness is an area they struggle in. Again, just a theory so let me know how it resonates
Jupiter in the 12th house
People with Jupiter in the 12th may have confusion with money. They could want to be rich, but also spend a lot of it and need to borrow. They could also have trouble with secrets
I haven’t read this anywhere but I’m also assuming that Jupiter in the 12th has confusion surrounding spirituality and beliefs, specifically as a kid. Maybe someone tried to turn them away from the beliefs their meant to follow and so they learned to become close minded to others
causing confusion later on when they want to explore
I’d also like to add the theory that there’s confusion around the spiritual messages and symbols they recieve
Let me know how that resonates!
Saturn in the 12th
This is one I’ve never really looked into, but I wanted to include fact checked information for. Sorry if I don’t say something that would suit this thread!
From what I can gather Saturn in the 12th seems to have confusion with escapism. I read that they can be interested in spirituality, but dive super deep into it and become anal about it as a way of getting away from everyday reality.
So I guess their main confusion is spirituality lmao. I’d also like to theorize, though, that they could have confusion about work, and maybe even use that as a form of escapism too
I’d also like to guess that they have confusion with authority
Uranus in the 12th house
Another one I’ve never actually looked into! Once again, if I forget something that would suit this thread I’m sorry!
Uranus in the 12th suppresses their need to be different or go against the grain, so I’m guessing that’s why there’s confusion/panic when those different ideas surface in outbursts
I’d also like to guess that this is why uranian things tend to surface in dreams and from the subconscious, because that’s where the native has suppressed them to
Neptune in the 12th house
Another one I’ve never looked into! Same apologies apply
Neptune in the 12th has trouble with boundaries, but not even just the obvious ones between friends and lovers. Streaks of information from other planes flood to their heads and they have this deep need to be one with source
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